Before you buy another Bible Highlighter check here for reviews and information! You can also Buy Bible Highlighters and Bible Marking Kits At Bible we want to bring you the best reviews in bible highlighters so that you can make an educated decision on what will work for you and what wont. But before you go to the reviews section here is a sneak peak at the  8-color Pentel Pencils. You may also want to check out a great study bible here.

Don’t let the compact size of this bible highlighter fool you. This ingeniously designed mechanical bible marking  pencil puts eight (that’s right 8!) vibrant colors at your fingertips—and will prove to be the most useful Bible marking tool you own! Lead colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, cobalt blue, and brown. Now there are many types of bible marking pens but see if this is one is worth all the hype. A Great way to listen and follow along while you mark out your bible is with this Audio Bible.

bible highlighter

The lead diameter of 2.0mm produces bold lines of consistent density which is something of great need when doing a thorough study of the bible. Hence why this requires an extremely responsive bible marking pencil or bible highlighter. My problem with mechanical pencils and even pens for that matter is this; “easy to refill or is this another pitch in the trash bin?” Well with this bible highlighter it’s refillable with Pentel CH2 lead which makes for an easy switch out of old leads. Now if you have already made up your mind on what pen to buy go here for a great method on how to mark your bible.

Bible Highlighter

Now this bible marking pen is great for highlighting high cotton or linen fiber paper as found in Bibles, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. The color in this indispensable bible marking tool is exactly what the avid and extensive note-taker has been dreaming about and it will not bleed through pages. What makes a bible highlighter great is they enhance bible study and are extremely effective when learning how to study the bible.


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