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Staedtler Dry: Bible Highlighter Pencils vs. Pentel 8-color Bible Marking Pencil

Staedtler Dry: Bible Highlighter Pencils vs. Pentel 8-color Bible Marking Pencil

by admin

Bible Highlighters… Here we are going to mark out these fine bible marking pencils and see which one stacks up above the other. First the Staedtler Bible Highlighter set. If you have ever tried highlighting on your bible with your standard bible highlighter than it becomes obvious that you need a bible dry highlighter! Here the Staedtler Bible Highlighter gives you exactly that. Coming in with 4 dry highlighters in yellow, green, pink, and blue it also comes with a pencil sharpener so that you stay on top of your bible marking game. One of the best things to happen with a bible dry highlighter is that you can continue to use your other underlining tools because this will not bleed them out or over them so it will flow real nicely for you.

One draw back listed at this review site was it made the pages very pastel looking as well as the yellow was very hard to see after the initial highlighting was done. As with most bible dry highlighters the bleed through is like nothing. But with your heavy colors such as the pink on this one you could faintly see it through the to the other page. The ease of use much like most marking pencils is a lot easier than the standard highlighters yet with this set you are left with having to sharpen the pencils (which again it comes with a sharpener), it also tends to snag the bible a bit causing wrinkles at times. Overall the best thing is that you can have your notes in color because they write about as good as they highlight!

The Pentel 8-Color Bible Marking Pencil is something to behold. This bible highlighter comes with 8 colors to beat the 4 color pencils you get with the other one. But who cares more pencils to keep track of and if you are anything like me I lose pens and pencilsĀ  faster than you can say “it is written” so here is the good thing about this one. Yes that’s right one; it is one pencil with 8 colors of lead that you do not ever have to sharpen and stays at a pretty good consistency as far as highlighting and writing is concerned. The tones of these colors really nice in contrast to the writing on the page even if you have a red letter bible.

What is the biggest problem with bible highlighters, bible marking pens, and bible marking pencils? The bleed through right, and this one just as the others in the bible dry highlighter category is slim to none. Although the red is the most visible on the others side of the page this review site here states that it does not cause any confusion as to what page the mark was made on which is great news for us bible students! The overall ease of use is similar to that of the Staedtler set still bites at the page a bit to leave some wrinkles but overall the one stop shop use of this bible marking pen has got to hands done beat it out.

If you are serious in how you want your bible to look and how you want your study to flow it’s in my best opinion that you should pick up the Pentel 8-Color Bible Marking Pencil Today! Stay tuned for the next review and happy study. If you are looking for a more in-depth look at bible study as well please check out this great How to Study the Bible Blog.

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